Why Medical Aesthetic Nursing Is Better Than Regular Nursing

Why Medical Aesthetic Nursing Is Better Than Regular Nursing

Nursing as a profession is highly diverse by making. It comprises a wide range of specialties which include but are not limited to clinical, neonatal, critical nursing, etc. Finding the right fit is very important since not all of these specialties are well suited to everyone. Nonetheless, it can be a daunting exercise, especially if your decision to become a nurse is not congruent with your long-term aspirations.

All regular nurses share a common quest: the desire to offer care and improve the quality of life for the sick and disabled. But before you decide to become a nurse, you must ask yourself certain key questions. What areas of caregiving do you enjoy most? Do you wear out easily? Do certain responsibilities become monotonous after a while?

These types of questions will help to give you an insight into what field will be best suited to your peculiarities. Regular nursing though remains one of the most sought after by many who consider going into the field. But there is one specialty that gets let out of the conversation a lot too often. This is no other than the field of aesthetic nursing.

So What is Aesthetic Nursing?

Aesthetic nursing, also commonly known as cosmetic nursing, is a field of nursing that offers a broad range of services to patients undergoing the following:

  • Botox neurotoxin injections
  • Photofacials
  • Body contouring
  • Dermabrasion
  • Dermal fillers, etc

Practitioners in this field usually do not work in critical, high-volatile environments like emergency or intensive care units. They ply their trade primarily in skin clinics, medical spas, outpatient facilities, or in specialized private practice.

Aesthetic nurses operate in a small niche that may not be as demanding as regular nurses in other specialties. Aesthetics nurses also get to have many days off including weekends and public holidays.

What Are The Responsibilities of An Aesthetic Nurse?

Some basic responsibilities of an aesthetic nurse include:

  • Offering pre-and-post surgical/operative care.
  • Consulting with patients
  • Scheduling appointments and interviews with doctors
  • Basic screening before medical procedures
  • Performing examinations on the skin to diagnose any health issues.
  • Preparing and sterilizing instruments for surgical operations.
  • Assisting the doctor with various medical and surgical procedures.
  • Injection of Botox neurotoxin and dermal fillers.


Benefits of Medical Aesthetic Nursing Over Regular Nursing

Here are eight benefits of opting for aesthetic nursing over regular nursing:

1. Additional Skills: Aesthetic nursing allows you to gain clinical aesthetics skills in addition to your regular nursing skills.
2. Less Stress: In aesthetic nursing, you get to work under far less pressure and physical strain than your contemporaries in more demanding specialties.

3. Time Management: Aesthetic nurses have more leverage in managing their time better than regular nurses which in turn leads to a balanced work/life routine.
4. Longer Breaks: Aesthetic nurses get the weekends and public holidays to themselves which is often not always the case with regular nursing.
5. Higher Pay: According to statistics, aesthetic nurses earn $7 more per hour than their peers in other regular nursing specialties.
6. Exposure: You can become a thought leader in the field of cosmetics; even branch off to private practice where you can offer expert advice and counseling.
7. Grow a Network: The field presents an opportunity to connect with and offer offsite services to an elite clientele. You can expand your career network this way.
8. Career Flexibility: You are not bound to hospice environments alone. Aesthetic nurses can work in spas, outpatient facilities, tattoo shops, beauty parlours, etc.

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