Why Us


Why Us


Why GrayClay

At GrayClay, we offer courses designed to suit your career aspirations. With a range of nationally accredited and recognised medical aesthetics and health courses, we can accelerate your career and open up employment opportunities.

1. Unique to Australian Education - Return to Learn

Grayclay is the only college in Australian that offers their past students the opportunity to “return” to the college and sit in on a specific lecture or unit to refresh their knowledge, or review practical procedures at no charge. This offering completely supports Grayclay’s values and support for their students.

2. Blended learning

Our medical aesthetics education classes consist of both theory and practice, dependent upon the selected course. Students are given the opportunity to undertake clinical education in professional clinics, diagnosing and treating real customers. The courses offered at GrayClay are constructed to prepare students with the skills they need to succeed.

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3. Award-winning

GrayClay is an award-winning medical education institution, most recently achieving;  The Global the Business Excellence Award in 2020 and 2021 for "Australia's Best Medical Aesthetics Education Provider".

4. Industry networks

GrayClay has an excellent reputation in the health and cosmetic aesthetics industry and is drawn upon regularly by many employers for its graduates.

5. Supportive learning environment

GrayClay is very proud of the support framework it provides to its students. Using four levels of support, we provide a framework that allows students to succeed.

If you’re interested in studying with GrayClay, contact our college today.