About Us


About Us


The story of Grayclay: A leader in health and medical aesthetics education


Return To Learn

Our student pledge: Return to learn; an Australian first.

Grayclay is the first and only college in Australia to provide this unique and valuable opportunity to students.

At Grayclay, our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you complete your studies. We understand that continuing education and skills refreshment is essential to staying ahead in the industry, which is why we offer our unique “Return to Learn” program at no cost to our graduates. If at any time you feel like you could benefit from a refresher on a unit or practical competency, simply contact us to join the program.

We’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey to a successful and fulfilling career.


Eco & Friendly Environment

Our team pledge: Eco & friendly environment in clinics and education.

2017 – After learning that it takes 10 years to grow a tree and that one tree only provides 175 reams of paper, the Grayclay team set out to become a paperless college. With some brilliant staff contributions to resolve this issue, Grayclay embraced the mantra “we don’t print” and turned to digital technology and reducing printing by an estimated 97%.

2018 – Active steps are now used to continuously improve operations to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of this initiative, the team researched and introduced colloidal oatmeal clinical gloves which are latex-free, nitrile free, and biodegradable. The perfect all-round glove.

2019 –  Grayclay removed all plastic and paper cups from our college, providing students with their own unique cups and reducing unnecessary waste.

2020 – We support, financially,  “The good empire” a gamified global impact platform. We help people like you, and also companies, nonprofits, schools, and other organisations – level up for people and the planet.


Our history

Get ready to experience exceptional health education like never before! Grayclay was born in 2006 when two friends saw a need to address the shortage of quality, highly-skilled candidates in the medical industry. With a burning desire to create a supportive yet challenging environment for real-world learning, they set up an institution that would produce leading professionals in the medical and aesthetics industries.

At Grayclay, we are passionate about helping our students achieve their career goals. We have a team of lecturers who are not only knowledgeable but also have professional medical and aesthetics backgrounds and years of industry experience. We take pride in our award-winning health, well-being, and medical education programs that are guided by our core values of quality, professionalism, and ethics.

We believe in providing our students with opportunities for advancement, and that’s why we have secured articulation agreements with Griffith University, Southern Cross University, and Sunshine Coast University. These agreements provide our students with additional pathways to achieve advanced standing in various degree programs.

Grayclay is pleased to provide the convenience of Live Stream delivery, meeting the needs of individuals with busy schedules. What’s more, Grayclay is the sole college located on the east coast of Australia that is authorized to offer nationally recognized certifications from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS). By enrolling at Grayclay, you can be confident that you’re in capable hands!

We are an International College

Grayclay College with over a decade of experience and now provides education to people from all over the world. Sometimes the choice of where to study is very clear

Grayclay International College of Health is a reputable and highly regarded educational institution that has been providing quality health education to students for over a decade. The college is known for its cutting-edge curriculum, world-class faculty, and excellent facilities, making it a preferred choice for students who aspire to become healthcare professionals. Grayclay International College of Health offers a wide range of programs that cater to the needs of different students, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. With its commitment to excellence, the college has produced successful healthcare professionals who are making a difference in the world today.


If you’re passionate about healthcare and want to make a difference in the world, Grayclay International College is the place for you. With its diverse programs, supportive community, and commitment to academic excellence, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your passion and turn it into a fulfilling career. Joining Grayclay means joining a family of like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm and zeal for education. So, whether you’re a high school graduate or an experienced healthcare professional, it’s never too late to invest in yourself and take the first step towards achieving your dream. At Grayclay, let your passion for healthcare flourish!

(Impavid Education Pty Ltd trading as Grayclay RTO 45101 CRICOS 03813E)

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