Why Cosmetic Nursing is a great career choice?

Why Cosmetic Nursing is a great career choice?

Previously, we looked at how you become a Cosmetic Nurse. Today, we delve a little deeper to examine why Cosmetic Nursing is such a great career choice for nursing graduates and professionals. Especially now.

As a Registered Nurse, your degree opens pathways to a range of exciting career opportunities in Australia and overseas. Everywhere, demand for nurses continues to grow and it is easy to see why. Just look at the options – aged care, anaesthesia, critical care, mental health, midwifery, paediatrics – to name a few.

Cosmetic Nursing is another, and that is why Grayclay International College of Health on the Gold Coast is the place to be. Our award-winning Medical Education and Medical Aesthetics curriculum guides both newly graduated nurses and experienced professionals into the rewarding and expanding area of Cosmetic Nursing.

As a Cosmetic Nurse, what will my duties be?

First of all, becoming a Cosmetic Nurse requires Registered Nurses and enrolled Division 2 Nurses to complete further and formal study and training.

Once qualified, Cosmetic Nurses fulfil a range of important roles for patients, surgeons and practices. These include conducting non-surgical procedures for patients – e.g., cosmetic injectables, dermal therapies – and assisting cosmetic surgeons in surgical procedures. In both settings, Cosmetic Nurses provide pre- and post-procedural patient care.

What are the benefits of becoming a Cosmetic Nurse?

1 Public and professional need

In recent years, surgical and non-surgical procedures in Australia have soared. Per capita, we lead the world, a fact that clearly reflects increasing public demand and also demonstrates a growing trust in the professional capability of our health professionals, including Cosmetic Nurses.

This is great news for graduates who have already set their sights on a career in Cosmetic Nursing, as well as practising nurses who are looking for a career change. Industry growth creates professional opportunities and that makes Cosmetic Nursing Course an extremely attractive option.

Flexible and flourishing too, especially on the back of a global market tipped to hit $38 billion by 2024, led by strong forecast growth in non-surgical laser and cosmetic injectable procedures that are integral to Cosmetic Nursing.

2 Opportunities to advance

We have already mentioned the increasing demand for Cosmetic Nursing in Australia and globally. Applying a more individual perspective, Cosmetic Nursing can also lead to further professional advancement.

For example, Cosmetic Nursing can be a stepping-stone to the position of Nurse Practitioner, a role in which your health and medical expertise extends into patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

3 Be your own boss

So, you have your Cosmetic Nursing qualification and you are putting it to work, helping people every day in a clinic, practice, hospital or spa. With that has come invaluable experience professionally, but also administratively. Wouldn’t it be great to be your own boss?

Self-employment is a distinct possibility for Cosmetic Nurses, whether that means contracting out your skills and services or actually setting up and running your own business.

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As you can see, Cosmetic Nursing is a growing area of the health and medical industry, one that meets public demand, offers professional fulfilment, and creates opportunities for further education and advancement.

If you are “nursing” an ambition to become a Cosmetic Nurse, talk to Grayclay today. Our nationally accredited health and medical aesthetics courses will help you succeed in this exciting and expanding profession.