Learning opportunities in nursing in Australia

Learning opportunities in nursing in Australia

Nursing is a wonderful vocation with an impact that ranges from individual care to benefits shared throughout society. In every area of health, nurses are at the heart of the patient journey and the overall public good.

Yet while such commitment is fundamental, nursing is also a career of constant change and learning, thanks to new developments in knowledge, technology, techniques, research and reforms. This applies to Cosmetic Nursing as much as any other area of the profession.

At Grayclay International College of Health on the Gold Coast, we embrace learning for the present and for the future. We do so through education and training to ensure our graduates –

  • Are qualified and job-ready upon course completion
  • Can adapt quickly and competently to change.

At Grayclay, we believe that highest quality education both encourages ongoing learning and elevates professional practice.

Choice or change: it is all about learning

Let’s use Cosmetic Nursing as an example of Grayclay’s approach to ongoing learning opportunities.

For some nurses who have just attained their degree qualification, becoming a Cosmetic Nurse might be a long-held ambition. Alternatively, for experienced professionals who have been nursing in other areas of the health sector, Cosmetic Nursing might represent an exciting change of career. Grayclay is here for both scenarios.

For example, the 52852WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables has been developed for qualified nurses, is nationally accredited and provides skills in the therapies, procedures and duties that make Cosmetic Nursing such a fulfilling role.

Then there is the Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science, an undergraduate program with some major advantages. Not only does it open the way to working alongside Allied Health and cosmetic medical professionals, it is recognised by Queensland Radiation Health under the auspices of the Queensland Government. This means that by meeting Fast-Track Laser Licence criteria for hair removal, vascular and skin rejuvenation treatment categories, Grayclay graduates can apply for their full laser licence on completion of the Advanced Diploma.

No matter which of our courses you choose, all students benefit from Grayclay’s award-winning education and training, industry connections, and the skills and insights of our experienced professionals and teaching staff.

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Learning after you leave

Grayclay also supports ongoing learning through initiatives such as Return to Learn and the Graduate Clinical Experience Program.

Cosmetic Nursing graduates can use Return to Learn to stay up to date with relevant knowledge and developments in the field. We are so proud of the fact that Grayclay is the first and only college in Australia to provide this unique opportunity in which graduates – at no cost – can attend and review lectures or return to review their practical competencies.

Meanwhile, our Graduate Clinical Experience Program enables graduates to practise and improve their work management skills. This is hands-on learning that takes place in our White Room clinics. It is also free.

Grayclay is also proud to have articulation arrangements with leading education providers such as Griffith University and Southern Cross University. In recognition of the quality of Grayclay’s courses and qualifications, our graduates receive maximum credit transfer into first or second-year articulated tertiary courses.

The following articles provide further insight into how lifelong learning helps nurses at every stage of their professional careers.

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If you are eager to pursue a career in Cosmetic Nursing or want to learn more about everything we offer, talk to Grayclay today.