Gut instinct: the connection between the skin and within

Gut instinct: the connection between the skin and within

When you look at the skin, whether your own or someone else’s, you are seeing a reflection of health. Or perhaps ill-health. For while the skin is on the outside, it has the inside story on what is happening within … especially in our gut. 

At Grayclay on the Gold Coast, the connection between gut health and the skin is reflected in our nationally accredited and award-winning medical aesthetics and health courses. The key is gut flora and it is very much a question of balance. 

What is gut flora? 

Also known as gut microbiota or the microbiome, gut flora refers to the microorganisms that live in our digestive tracts. When everything is in balance, the result is good physical health allied with positive mental and emotional wellbeing. But when things become imbalanced, gut health is readily compromised and the flow-on-effects are significant.  

International research reinforces this notion. Consider the following quote from a 2017 academic paper — Skin-gut axis: The relationship between intestinal bacteria and skin health — from the University of California’s Davis Department of Dermatology: 

Although the mechanisms for how the gut and skin communicate are not fully understood, the association likely involves a complex connection between the nervous, immune and endocrine systems, as well as environmental factors.”

Gut reaction: why problems occur 

Remember how during adolescence we were warned that eating too much confectionery or junk food could lead to acne? Or how in adulthood, we are constantly reminded about the health ramifications of drinking too much alcohol or making poor nutritional choices?  

When we ignore this advice, the results take their source from the gut and soon register in the skin. 

Gut may be just a three-letter word, but those letters represent a massive and complex entity filled with countless bacterial and microbial strains – and it does not take much for problems to reveal themselves. 

While conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis all emanate from beneath the skin, they are clearly in evidence on it. This visual proof occurs throughout life, and not just in sores, lesions, rashes and the like. It also shows in our pallor, our glow, and in whether our skin is taut and toned or tired and slack. 


How does Grayclay teach me to help people with skin issues? 

When you study with Grayclay on the Gold Coast, you will learn from facilitators whose understanding of skin health, care and treatment places them at the forefront of medical aesthetics and health education. 

Furthermore, in terms of “healthy gut” knowledge, the benefits of our theoretical and practical learning will assist you in several ways, including: 

  • consultation with clients
  • recognition of sources and symptoms of gut-related skin issues  
  • treatment programs and active ingredients that you prescribe to improve clients’ skin
  • after-care  


Grayclay’s holistic education program will broaden your insight into the importance of the skin as a guide to inner health. In turn, this will inform your professional opportunities and outcomes.   

And that is not just a gut feeling. Our graduates are our proof.  


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